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4 Trends Driving the Rapid Adoption of AI Chatbots
Friday, July 21st at 10am PDT
AI Chatbots are everywhere – or they will be soon.
AI Chatbots use natural language processing and machine learning technologies to offer more natural, interactive communication interfaces between humans and machines. For many applications, AI Chatbots ultimately define the customer or user experience (CX/UX). The benefits of adding a conversational interface to an application are clear and accrue quickly, and this is leading to the rapid adoption of AI Chatbots by enterprises.

In this webinar, VP of Research and Lead Analyst for AI, Adrian Bowles, will share:

  • The 4 trends that are leading AI Chatbots to be rapidly adopted

  • The benefits of adding a conversational interface to your applications

  • Best practices to get started

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Increase Your Bottom Line with Workflow and Content Automation

Thursday, July 20th at 11am PDT

Paper-based processes are costing you up to 25% of revenue. Learn how Workflow and Content Automation can increase your bottom line.

The Digital Enterprise era is here and with it sky-high expectations for enterprise companies to operate faster and more efficiently. Forms and paper documents slow down the pace of business, costing companies up to 25% of revenue. Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) technologies transform clunky, paper-based processes into those that generate revenue, giving those companies faster growth and competitive advantage.

Join Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst of Aragon Research and HelloSign’s COO, Whitney Bouck, for an overview of how WCA technologies can be the key to your company’s growth and success.

Key topics to be covered:

  • What are the key digital business trends?
  • How will WCA applications and technologies evolve?
  • How can enterprises leverage WCA to gain a competitive advantage?