The Aragon Research Technology Arc™


Aragon Research is pleased to introduce our new branded Research deliverable – The Technology Arc and our first Technology Arc Research Note.Technology Arc

The Technology Arc will enable enterprises to understand both the maturity of the Technology as well as its potential impact in the enterprise. The extra ratings include:

– Normal Maturity
– Transformative Potential
– Cost Savings Potential

The Technology Arc is divided into three different arcs: Emerge, Adopt and Mature.

The Emerge Arc is when the technology or capability first starts to appear as a viable technology that can be leveraged in product. The first part of emergence is when the technology appears outside of a pure research environment. Commercial pilots and first generation product offerings appear in the first have the emergence, followed buy the growth of the market that includes the technology.

The Adopt Arc is when the technology is part of a product suite starts and is starting to be adopted inclusion into products or the general adoption of the product class itself. In the first third to first half section of the arc indicates that the entry is still in early adoption phase.

The Mature Arc reflects the fact that all technologies mature. In this phase, the opportunity to gain efficiencies through lower costs is larger than earlier phases . Some enterprises wait for maturation before attempting to deploy.

As is often the case, enterprises that wait for a technology to mature are often looking to leverage it for cost reasons. The trade-off is by waiting, transformational opportunities are not lost but they could have been captured sooner in the lifecycle. Enterprises need to understand their culture and one of them may be taking a conservative view of technology.